Tuesday, January 04, 2011

What is going on?!!?!?!

Alright, now that Drifter is on extended break, I thought it might be fun to show a few of the worst mess up pages I've done over the years. Here we go!
First up, we have a page from the Dessert Arc, where I just flat out, messed up the panel layout. You may recognize the silly character in that messed up 7th panel. His name is the Giant Chicken, and my Brother created him many years ago.
Now here's an older page from the Titus Arc, where the four badguys are coming down the hill, the problem is, I changed one of the badguys before finishing this page. That poor guy with the key-hole nose never made it into the comic. This next one is one I find to be pretty funny, I don't know why. You see, I started drawing the last panel first for some reason. Although this wasn't the real problem, what I really goofed on was the fact Omega was supposed to be talking, but had no speech bubble! So, Omega is doomed to float in this empty page, awkwardly keeping his mouth open for no reason.
This next page is one where Omega was in the Elpia dessert, but I stopped making it after I drew what appears to be the most idiotic/overly dramatic Omega face ever. See him in the top left there? Wow.
Next what we have is the most recent set of screw ups, where I simply could not decide on a villain for the sequence.
Not only did I draw basically the same page twice with just different villains, it left poor Eisle to get slashed over and over again for no reason. In the end, Eisle never even got cut at all!
So, these were just a few silly pages I decided to share with whoever is left around here. I'm sure there will be more mess up pages in the future, whether they're on Drifter or something else.


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