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Villain of the Week: ???

Anyone wondering why one of the Evil Drifter listed is just "???", the reason is because it's a mystery villain! If this person wins the poll, I'll post some info about this character. They might not ever run into Omega's group, but they do exist in the world at the same time "Drifter"takes place. Maybe it'll help round out the story, and show different aspects of the Drifter World!

Drifter Issue 9: Part # 46.

Suni "convinces" Eisle.

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Interview Video!

Another part of the Three Year Anniversary of Drifter, an interview! Thanks to the genius minds behind Joel Z Productions and Flaming Possum. Interview conducted by Chester.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Drifter Issue 9: Part # 43.

Back to normal. Nothing gets it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well, Drifter is officially three years old! The first page was posted on this blog, three years ago today. That first sucky page was soon followed by many more sucky pages, but I wouldn't change them at all. Drifter has been a big chunk of my life, and it's been so much freaking fun to do it for so long. I'm glad that those sucky pages slowly began to get better, and I began to grow as an artist. It really has been a giant blessing in my life, even if the blessing includes weird monster people beating the crap out of each other. I owe so much to all of you guys for reading this thing, even if you stopped sometime. I also owe my art teacher, Mr. Ochsner for getting me started on this, and God for helping me through it.

Enough of that though, here's some art I've accumulated from others featuring some Drifters! Thanks for everyone who made something in here!

Zyzeji by awesome SW artist, Grant Gould
(This character hasn't been in the comic yet, but he will be.)

Az Cactuz by Grant Gould
(Another character yet to come show up.)

Zyzeji by another well known artist, Andrew Dickman

Klura by Tim Fisher

A collage of me and my characters by Shawn Courtney
(The girl in the middle is also a new character.)

Omega and Klura as Ronnie Cordova and Burger from Sockbaby. Done by Peter Hongisto

Godon by Aaron Kapper

Eisle by Tom Travers

Nothing by Geoff Maxfield

Thanks all you guys who drew these, whether it was for fun or because I commissioned you, it really means a lot to me.

Thanks a whole bunch to everyone who encouraged me or read my comic and left comments. It was immensely important to Drifter's continuation. There'll be much more in store for this comic on the horizon too, just you wait!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Drifter Issue 9: Part # 42.

Real Happiness.

This Saturday is Drifter's official three year anniversary! I'll be posting some cool new stuff for everyone to see, so don't miss out!

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