Friday, June 19, 2009

No Chapter This week but something else!

I ran out of Paper and time this week, but next week will hopefully see the return of Drifter. Also, I offer in exchange for a chapter, another set of Drifter art from other people!

Az Cactuz is hanging out with
Tom's original character, Beehemoth. Tom is a sketching master!

A really awesome version of Ilbark
by iwantmoremudcake. Man, this is so well done!

Hielo and Perla Persa by Jam 1220.
Really like the style in his work.

Another piece by Jam1220, this time of Phibi throwing some of her cherry bombs!

Omega by Mr. VanceGeoffman! Thanks!

And finally Driedzone's take on Omega. I'm not quite sure why Omega has a jewish star, but I think he looks pretty tough in this piece! I like the background too.

Thanks to everyone who wanted to trade art with me, and I hope you all continue drawing!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Drifter Issue 10: Chapter 24: How Sad.

This week's Chapter! Sorry, but it's only 8 pages like last week. Hopefully the next one will be 10 it's better than a week off though, right?


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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Drifter Issue 10: Chapter 23 Talk, or I'll Punch Ya!

Third week without stopping! Yay!

Also, I wanted to briefly talk about this week's color spread. Anyone interested on what Vieja has been up to, maybe this is some indication...?

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