Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Drifter Fan Drawings, Art Trades and Commissions 2010!

Here's another batch of amazing drawings done by other people, but drawing Drifter characters! Whether I commissioned, art traded or you just gave me your work, thanks a lot for contributing to the Drifter universe!

The very talented and all around nice guy, as well as LucasFilm artist, Grant Gould drew an absolutely amazing version of Elpia 03 from Issue 10! His work is just awesome, you should go check it right now!

Mr. awesome, Tom Travers did some freaking sweet drawings of Omega, Vieja, and even the 7th Elpia from Issue 11! Tom, your style just gets better and better! I'm glad I've been able to display some of his work on my blog!
My DA pal Jam1220 gave Suni a try this time, and even put her on a calender! Jam has got an awesome style, and I always love the clothes he designs for the characters he draws! Suni might have to use that dragon canon sometime too, heh.
Suni got the most pics done of her in this batch, but BZLGINK's version really captures Suni's aggressive side, this is an awesome piece!
This next piece was done by a friend of mine named Graham, and I'm sorry to say I don't really have a good link for his work, but he's amazing! He drew this even before I knew him! I guess word of Drifter is getting around, at least a little.
This drawing was done by my girlfriend, Heather. She writes stories if you go check out her blog! This is a drawing of Dulltons sheepy henchmen, Tuono. He was in Issue 11, and I really like how she added tiny lightning bolts at the end of his hands, ha.

Here are two pieces from my good friend and sometimes collaborator on Drifter, Winter. His versions of Phibi and Omega are looking great! I like the lighter blue horns for Omega instead of black, maybe I'll try that sometime.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Drifter Issue 12: Chapter #7: Cosmetic Surgery=Lies.

Happy late 4th of July! New 8 page chapter of Drifter!

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