Saturday, September 12, 2009

Drifter Issue 10: Chapter # 31: Elpia, Omega, and God.

Another Eight Pager. Hope you enjoy! Issue 10 is almost over! It's been over a year working on this issue!

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Patrick said...

It's go time now Elpia! I'm excited!

Checkmark said...

Yup! Yup!

Winter said...

is there any reason for the yellow glow looking like a shadow of vieja or am i imagining that

Checkmark said...

In the last frame? No that wasn't on purpose, but I see what u mean a little bit, ha.

Winter said...

and at first i thought that it said "i'm god" in the last frame which led me to believe it was just vieja somehow taking over omega's body and blaspheming.

Esther ^^ said...

wow ~~ He changes ummm.. god ~~ !!
so Coooool~~~ ^^
Now, I am really really excited~~ ^^ I am really looking forward to seeing your story ~~~ *^.^*

Oh!! I do not know how should I check my grade of music test. Can you teach me how to check your grade?

Thanks ^^