Sunday, February 15, 2009

Drifter Issue 10: Chapter 14: Invasion

Chapter 14! Hope you guys are enjoying the Issue so far!




Pat said...

They sword fight like Odger!

Checkmark said...

Ha ha. That's prolly because that's how I think of sword fighting in general.

ak said...

Andy i think omega might be becoming an alcoholic. first in the camel/desert picture he was toting, like, a twelve pack of booze, and now he's in international waters, guzzling like a fish! these are disturbing themes my friend.....disturbing indeed.

ak said...

that cutter guy gives me the willies! he is clearly insane. He looks like david bowie on a cocaine binge to boot!

and that transexual grandma-afro robot (as i affectionately call him) just cracks me up!